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Shares and Bearer Warrants Gencor Ltd

If you hold or are acting on behalf of someone who holds shares or bearer warrants in any of the companies listed below, all of which have been dissolved, you may contact us for further information.

ONLY written enquires will be dealt with, which MUST contain at least the following information to enable us to respond:

  • Name of holder(s)
  • Last known address of holder(s)
  • Number of shares/warrants held
  • Certificate/Warrant number(s)

Company Names:

General Mining and Finance Corporation Limited (RSA)
Union Corporation Limited (RSA)
General Mining Union Corporation Limited (RSA)
Gencor Limited (RSA)
Thos. Firth & John Brown (Investments) Limited (UK)
Bay Hall Trust Limited (UK)
San Francisco Mines of Mexico Limited (UK)
Genbel South Africa Limited (RSA)
Genbel Investments Limited (RSA)

RSA = company incorporated in the Republic of South Africa
UK = United Kingdom Registered Company

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